Using Armour Safety Management’s own specialist fire door inspection tool, our fire door inspectors will carry out a full and thorough inspection of every fire door assembly in your building. The inspection will examine every component of a door including the furniture, door leaf, door frame and surrounding substrate and the overall operation of the door.  Each door  will be asset tagged so there will be a permanent record of each door and when it was last inspected.

If requested, we will include any final exit doors in our inspections as these are often overlooked and can have the incorrect opening mechanism.


All fire door inspections are undertaken using Armour Safety Managements’ bespoke software. Our clients receive a clear, detailed and simple to navigate pass or fail report that includes a photo of the door and photos of any identified defects, along with suggested remedial works to make the door compliant to current regulations. We aim to provide all reports within 7 days of the inspection taking place. 

If required our inspection reports can be supplied with a LPCB inspection certificate for identification purposes. 









​We recommend fire doors are re-inspected in accordance with their usage. The recommended time between inspection is 6 monthly. High use fire doors and fire doors that suffer high abuse should be inspected more frequently. Doors that are rarely used can be inspected less frequently.

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